Thursday, October 30, 2008

What to do with CAMEL fiber???

Ok, I am sure you are all familiar with my beloved 'nephew' Humphrey? He lives with his family in KY so Cindy is glad her camel is far enough away--I might have to pack my bags and move in with Humphrey--he has a very nice apartment there! :0)

Humphrey arrived at her rescue farm with a broken hind leg, that has long since healed. He spends his time babysitting little baby ponies and entertaining his family--he loves to give kisses and never spits.... What manners!

And what to do with Camel fiber you say?? I say, just have fun--Humphrey says you don't know what you are missing! We wash his fiber here at our farm then send it to Argyle Fiber Mill where the fiber is then sent through the de-hairing machine to remove most of the guard hair--leaving behind a gorgeous 'cloud' of the soft downy fiber. I have spun his fiber into single ply, two ply, alone or with other fiber added in. The fiber spun on its own may have some guard hairs left that can either be easily removed while spinning, or left in the yarn for some texture--it is a great felting yarn also! The pictured yarn I spun two matching plys of dyed Humphrey (yes, you can dye it any color too!) fiber. When I spun each ply, I spun a random amount of camel and then a random stripe of Corriedale wool that was a very similar dye lot. It will be a softer yarn that can be used in most any project--and it is gorgeous--the yarn was a gift to Cindy, ordered up by Humphrey himself.... hee hee hee! We are working on the second half of Humphrey's 2008 fleece now so watch for it to hit the site--both in clouds and dyed up some scrumptious colors!! What an adventure!!!

Update this weekend--sorry we are late, the sheep are enjoying some late fall weather--lots of breeze, cool nights and sun in the day time. Perfect time to be a sheep! Toodles!

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