Saturday, November 01, 2008

Oh Baby Baby!!

Here's 'our' new baby--Miss Macie Josephine! She is my baby sister's first baby--she and hubby are spending mucho time snuggling this little beauty up--I cannot wait to get my hands on Macie. She is as gorgeous as her name--I get to see her on Thanksgiving. I told mom she probably did not even need to cook food, we will all just make that baby feel like a football with all the passing around--hahaha! OH, but we will have to put our best tackle on my dad to have a turn holding Macie--ok, done with the football giggles now. The sheep are threatening to follow us to mom's, they want to see Macie in person too. Now THAT could be a problem! Better take all the vehicle and gator keys with us right? (and by the way, this picture of Macie is when she was watching football with her mom and dad--ironic yes??) :0)

The sheep are working on an update for later today so please stop back in--and be sure to get on our email list so you get the first notices of new fiber and yarn ok? Baaaaack later!

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faun said...

so So so cute!!!