Tuesday, November 18, 2008

My world for a camel? maybe!

Humphrey is my dream camel--first picture with a member of his lucky family! Smooch!! The second is of Humphrey and his buddy baby pony that he played with all summer--he loves his babies, babysitting is his favorite--running and playing and wishing that baby would have some manners probably? ha!

This is NOT Humphrey but a camel from somewhere (forwarded by a friend-thank you!) that maybe could be a long distance pen pal for Humphrey? Get a load of the look on the horse's face!!! What the HECK are you? ha! Anyhoo, someday my camel will show up right? :0) One can hope....

update tomorrow so keep an eye out--the sheep are working today--not by choice though--buggers!

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