Sunday, November 30, 2008

Happy weekend from the alpacas!

This is a terrible picture of our new alpacas but gives the happy sense of them! They are always waiting at the gate, when their llama buddies are there with them I swear, it looks like the old Petticoat Junction show--remember that one? Everyone looking over the fence--cept it was girls? Teehee--probably giving away my age or like for weird shows? Jim adopted the alpacas from our friend Jen--the alpacas came all the way from Tennessee for a good home--they spent a week or two with Jen, then here they are! They are adorable and you can find some of their fiber is already on our site--better pictures soon we promise--they are very good subjects and love a good visit with treats involved!!! Happy Sunday everyone--snowing here, great day for email and spinning yarn! Snowball fight? baaaahahahahaha! (you know that is the sheep's favorite--I catch them at it ALL the time! They always recommend the zig zag run when they catch me in the middle!) Toodles!

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