Wednesday, November 26, 2008

Thankful for all of you....

Happy Thanksgiving to everyone! We are blessed with a lot here--starting with the gift of all of you that help us create a safe place for our sheep to live out their lives--happy, (my shearer says fat) and sassy. You do not know how much you mean to us--with out you, all of this sheepy wonderful would not be possible-specially on the scale we have grown into over the years. Thank you--and many holiday hugs from your sheepy family--and us of course!! (although the sheep are much cuter than I am!). We have gotten to know so many wonderful, talented people through this business--learned much & have a circle of friends who are far flung across the US & the world--amazes me still how far this group of sheep can reach.... & also how well we seem to get to know each other without truly meeting face to face!

I cannot be thankful enough for the wonderful family who supports us through good & bad--we have had a lot of 'bad' the past few years but every day brings so much promise with it. Promise of a good future, good people and good times too. My husband--my thanks can never be enough--you are a saint! My son-never a better son! I could go on but suffice it to say, the Hiltons and Ryans are a wonderful bunch of people that we are lucky to call family. I love you all and am thankful every day to just know you are there.... (This is Miss Macie's latest picture--isn't she just a sly little pixie? Saving that smile for when the camera moves away????) And the second picture is of my sister Kristie--smooching up Macie the day she was born. Beauteous girls don't you think??

And we are also grateful that we can make a small difference in the lives of those less fortunate than we are. My mom Nancy and her best friend Barbara (we three are the 3 Chic Knits) spend their time knitting for the two groups we support by sending warm, styling items for winter. One group is west, an organization that collects items for the Elders on the Navajo Reservation. The second is closer to home in Madison- a group that helps mentally challenged adults remain independent in their own homes, with their own jobs--many have to walk to work and shopping so warm items are a happy occasion. We are all (sheep included) glad to have a way to pay things forward. Many people have helped us when we were desperately in need (our basement cave in-argh) of emotional support and financial. We owe this world a lot and hope we can leave it better in the process.

Thank you all again, I could go on but will do some personal emails to spare you all a novel! Please please be sure to hug your families & friends. Enjoy your day tomorrow where ever it finds you!

The sheep & the Ryans

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