Friday, November 07, 2008

Baby Mia (mine? I wish!!)

Ok, my sister and brother in law sent me pictures of Miss Macie Josephine!!! Oh my, she has grown SO much, how does that happen?? Here is her Halloween pumpkin outfit--she looks happy but like, hey, what are you two trying to DO to me? What about the image I have to portray???

She is getting unfolded--so tall, bet she will be tall, beautiful and wonderful. Lots to live up to--eek!

This is Kevin's dad--a proud grandpa who spent his visit singing to Macie and promising to come get her if mom and dad did not do everything she wanted them to--and I think he meant it--and she will remember too! Look out for Grandpa B!

More proud family--my mom and dad make great grandparents too! The pictures of them are when Miss Macie was only 4 hours old! Dad is already teaching Macie lots of 'fun', like raspberries and oh gees, who knows!

We are proud of our family--love them all and specially Miss Macie!!

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primdollie said...

Oh my what sweet pics!!! even if I did have to sneak over here to your blog to see them!! hehehe!! hope to hear from you soon dear!! and all is well!! smooches Linda