Friday, November 28, 2008

Update update! New Mill Spun Yarn!

Happy weekend everyone! The sheep have been B U S Y! They are exhausted now but did good work--they are out resting and planning a late party in the barn! :0) We are proud today to launch our new Jordan Valley Mill Spun yarn with this update!! Yey! This project has been in the works for a while now and it is a joint effort between our sheep and Jenny's alpacas and llamas. We will be adding more great yarn as they return home from the mill--Argyle Fiber Mill is doing a great job spinning the yarn for us--check out the mill spun page for more fun animal friendly info!!!!

More update fiber-- Tango Suri Alpaca! Beautiful colors and soft, longer locks. Yum! PLUS lots of new yarns--pictured is our famous movie star sheep Rita Merino's yarn--her soft Merino wool was blended with uuber soft Angora rabbit fiber--Oooh lala! She is one very famous sheep you know! But she still loves to sign autographs! :0)

The sheep were busy carding wool for Crazy Quilt batts too--such fun! This is Warrick's set, he is a natural black Border Leicester sheep who arrived here as a lamb--he is a sweet boy that likes treats and his best friend Frasier. His wool is to faint for at least!

Savanna is a sweet sheep (arent' they all??) and her roving just got back from Shari at Morro Fleece Works in CA. Thank you for wonderful roving wizardry Shari--you are the best!! Savanna has soem of her roving dyed up all pretty, and some is available natural--there is some softly barely dyed Cotswold blended in so you can see how easy it is to get great color by overdyeing her fleece.... And of course a good dose of karma for no extra charge!

This is a very big update so be sure to browse around--lots to see! And don't forget, we are happy to take special orders--not seeing colors you need/like? Let the sheep know and we will get you set up. Same for yarn- I love to handspin yarn created with your ideas and plans. I spin our fiber or yours--either way it is SUCH great fun to design your own colors and yarns--that nobody else will have except YOU!! Happy holiday weekend and hope you all have fun fiber plans! Cheers!

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