Sunday, November 09, 2008

Update--yey sheep!

The sheep were good little lambies and got their update done--well mostly anyway! Lots of yummy fiber from Jenny's llamas/alpacas; dyed wool, clouds, yarn and more! We have big news--the sheep and Jen's crew are launching Jordan Valley Mill Spun yarn! Wheee! It is a continuation of our farm's (and Jen's) philosophy of keeping the fiber animal friendly--and being spun locally by our favorite girls at Argyle Fiber Mill! Our first offering will kick off the line with sport weight sock yarn--all made up with Jen's alpaca/llama fiber. Too much fun, we also have DK weight and lots of variety at the mill so keep an eye on the new mill spun too! It will have a page of its own and hope to get it on the site by Wednesday (or sooner!). We hear there is a 'name the llama' contest that might be happening too! Skippity doo da day!!!

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