Wednesday, November 19, 2008

Late day update!!

First, a sneak peek of the yarn update for tomorrow--and we will also be launching our new Jordan Valley Mill Spun yarns!!! Wheeee! Something we have always wanted to offer and the wonderful girls at Argyle Fiber Mill are helping our dream come true! The sheep are SO excited! We will be offering blends of our wool and fiber from our Jen's alpaca/llama sanctuary--good karma all the way around!!

Marshall (pictured) said he is not sure what we are paying the sheep to model yarn--but it CAN"T be enough for that humiliation! Doesn't he look shocked?? No, I mean Marshall! I had to hire models because the actual sheep would not cooperate--imagine that! Marshall's wool is available on today's fiber update--it is gorgeous, soft and Merino-like even though he is a purebred Corriedale--scrumptious fleece--and sheep!!

Also washed Alpaca fiber--soft and silky barely silver/gray--from Jen's 'family'.....

AND the llamas took over the dyepots this week and raised some havoc with the alpaca fiber! Several selections of dyed alpaca fiber available to be sure to browse through! They are some beautiful colors and fibers....

And one more fun picture--drool--a matching 'set' of our Savanna's Lincoln/Romney cross fleece (carded into loose roving --thank you Shari!) and matching Cotswold locks--all dyed in the same dyepot! Sneaky sheep!! Much more to see for this update--and the yarn update will be done tomorrow so be sure to stop back!! Thanks for your patience and happy evening to you all!!

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