Saturday, November 15, 2008

More Miss Macie! (and her 'body guards") :0)

Oh SQUEEEE! What a great way to start my morning--the sheep are fighting me for the computer--there is quite the fray in here right now--new pictures of a beautiful family!!! Ouch, get off my FOOT you stinker sheep!

Gees, had to chase the mouse-the sheep are playing a nasty little game of keep away from mom---right back....

There! This first picture is my beautiful sister Jenny--and her baby Macie. Isn't she gorgeous? You would never know she just had that little girl--what a beautiful couple of girls!

Next is the proud, tired papa Kevin--doing the proper thing, sleeping all snuggled up with Macie--Doesn't she look TINY? And so comfy? I am SO jealous! Watch out on Thanksgiving Macie--I am going to give my best tackle to Grandpa and have my time with you!!!

And last but certainly NOT least, the next set of Macie's body guards--(R) Livi and (L) Mason, the best dogs in the world don't you think? :0) What a special peanut with a special family to surround her!

Jealous Auntie jealous auntie!!! The sheep are working toward a Sunday update so keep an eye out--I hear they have been washing and dyeing up an alpaca-palooza?? Toodles!

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