Saturday, September 20, 2008

It worked! You guys are great!

Hooray for good thoughts from the Homestead fan club--thank you everyone! Monte will be fine and his foot is already healing up nicely. What a scary day to find him on three legs and hurting like that. NOT allowed! However, he and Casper are in a 'hospital' care area now that is MUCH smaller than the 25 acres they roam on a normal day. Casper is specially unhappy--the pasture they are on now is right next to the driveway--across from our bedroom windows. Needless to say, antenna ears Casper hears EVERYTHING and is quick to let us know how unhappy he is that we have not been out to feed him EARLY--you know, like sun up?? ha! (and the picture of Casper is his 'winter look', in the summer he is sleek and shiny like Monte).

Big update tomorrow, hoping to get the sheep in gear so they can have their tail gate party before the Bear's game. :0) They are staunch Bears fans (we are from Chicago you know) but Jim (from WI) is as big a fan of the Packers. The sheep have to admit though, we are all rooting for Aaron Rodgers--new quarter back of the Packers. He has been a rock through all the crap dished by Brett Favre pre-season and has shown his ability to lead his team and win games! SO, aren't WE the good fans? Take it from the sheep--Jim, not so much--he would rather DYE than root for the Bears..... Says a lot don't you think?? ha!

The update will have lots more unwashed fiber, dyed fiber and still working on pictures of 3 Chic Knit finished items. Fun fun football Sunday! Toodles!

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AhimsaFibers said...

Good news about Monte! I bet you're relieved.

My husband is a native Wisconsinite so I'm also obligated to root for them today. Go Pack!

Have a great week!