Tuesday, September 09, 2008

Apple high!

Get in my belly! Magpie LOVES apples and she was very worried yesterday that we would empty the trees and not share any more! However, there are so many apples, our little applesauce bonanza yesterday hardly dented our bumper crop! Plenty to go around Magpie! The sheep are coming down from the apple 'high' and getting to work on another update for this weekend so be sure you get on our emailing list ok? That is the first letter we send out immediately after the update.... :0)

Quite a FUN day at the neighbors yesterday, the Calaways are amazing! Linda and Bill, and four of their six wonder kids were the leaders, and Ross and I learned how fun it was to do this together--have always done canning/freezing on my own and have not been able to do anything since our cave in last year.... Everyone had a job and away we went--we started boiling apples at 1045 and by 11 we were running them through the food mill and making applesauce! We finished at 130 and had 5 ice cream pails and a stock pot to bring home for us to freeze, and Linda had a giant bowl to keep in the fridge for the kidlets AND 28 quart jars canned up! Wowee! We are planning several more bonanza days too-our trees have a bumper crop and three here, five there.... fun fun on the farm!

The two sheep pictured are Avi and Val--we are purchasing from the infamous McNair Romney flock--can never have enough of them I swear! They did not have babies this year so they are retiring--aw shucks and twist my arm--and oink snort! More about the girls when they arrive, this weekend maybe?

Keep an eye on the site--mucho more wool soon soon! Off to get the dyepots moving again!! CHop chop chippy!!

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