Friday, August 08, 2008

News Flash--UPDATE today!!!

Yep, you heard right! Update mission accomplished! Yey sheep!! The update includes roving (dyed & undyed), locks, picked locks, unwashed wool & more--lots from our very own sheeps this time--getting my stash (oink snort) in some sort of order--must learn to share! Bwahahahahaha!

Today we are featuring our sweet boy Treasure--who arrived here with his 'brother' Baker as bottle lambs. They are the cutest, most elegant, stoic, calm sheep ever. The only thing better than having four would be an entire pasture full--just don't tell Jim! ha! Treasure has some beautiful dyed locks on the site for you--they are just waiting to be tail spun, spun or blended into your next project--they would needle felt well, unsure of the wet felting though-definitely not an expert in that realm! (although Treasure thinks you should give it a try! ha!). The locks are from 4-5+ inches long and the curly crimp is just too pretty.

The sheep are planning another update this weekend that will include more roving, BATTS, handspun yarn and 3 Chic Knit items. Woohoo! Hope you all are enjoying this nice, cool weather--could take THIS weather all summer, if it would just rain (can you believe I said that?) so we can have good hay crops this summer too!

Remember, my ridiculous stash is out of control and if you are looking for specific types of wool, please email. We probably have it and just don't have it listed on the website. Also, happy to custom spin your own yarn, designed with our fiber or yours--keep us in mind!! Happy Friday!


HollyEQQ said...

I want Kansas's romney fleece - pretty please!

And if you have any more of Bakers BL - or something similar! :)

I have been getting through some of my pretties! FINALLY.
Just keep your fingers crossed that sales pick up.

Oh and we got the permanent restraining order today! Yeah!!!!!

magayle said...

way ta go piggies!!!! keep makin' your great ma ma sandy smile!!
big HUGS!