Sunday, August 24, 2008

Sheep.....on the lam.....

No kidding--really! Now do these representatives of Dalai's group look like they would cause a ruckus at 830 am on a Sunday--while we are trying to get out the door to Dad & Ross' cake party??? You bet! I was innocently happy that we had chores done, the boys were munching on grass in the big pasture and I was working up to email.... Then, heard car doors and wa-la, Green County Sheriff is walking toward the house. EEK. Poor Ross, at first I thought 'what have YOU done'?? Then it came to light our boy sheep were running around on the road having gotten out through the ONE place we have not replaced the fencing yet. Naughty naughty sheep. I think they would look cute in stripes don't you? Haul those naughty boys off to county lock up I say! :0) Grass is always greener right? And lets be fair, it was not Angus or Steeler (pictures), it was the ENTIRE group out gallavanting about. Of course Monte, Casper and Dalai Llama were INSIDE the fence like, hey, don't ask ME what is going on--I am where I belong (for once). What a bunch of goons, never a dull moment I swear, but I adore them and it is too funny to stay mad at them for very long.

I have a HUGE update ready for Monday so keep an eye out and be sure you are on our email list ok? Cheerio!

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