Sunday, March 25, 2007

We did it! Watch 3 Chic Knits on Etsy!!!

Been meaning to get our 3 Chic Knits on Etsy because I love the people that are featured on that site! It is a collection of independent artists that we are happy to be part of! There are only a few items listed in the shop today but plan to add more over the coming week so keep an eye out! Click here to visit us at Etsy--yey! Be sure to visit all the fun shops too--lots of great art work and creations to browse!

Thank you to everyone participating in our Avon Breast Cancer walk raffles! The Sheep and friends have raised $588 so far--wheeee! The sheep and my families thank you--please know we are walking now for not only my own mom, but also my hubby Jim's mom who is battling her cancer again. Not the same cancer but we adore her and want to cast a wide net of support.... Now we have become Team Nancy & Claire! Thank you all so much, your kind words and actions are very appreciated!

Spring has sprung here for sure, we are waiting to hear from David the wonder shearer as to what day we will be shearing so watch the site as I scramble to make room for this years fleeces! Never enough fleece takes on new meaning this time of year for sure! Happy Sunday, hope you are all enjoying a pretty spring day with lots of fibery goodness!!

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