Thursday, March 15, 2007

More Fiber Fun!!! Oooh la la!

My little Piper gave me a nudge last night and said, hey, show everyone Aunt Carolyn's artwork tomorrow--so, wa-la, and ta-da!

You have probably seen my fiber soul friend Carolyn's work through our Peas in a Pod yarn on our site--we send each other handspun single ply, add a ply, then send half home to enjoy, offer for sale or?? She contributed some yarn to our Avon raffle this month so be sure to check it out!

Carolyn has a wonderful website where I am always lurking about for some fantastic fiber, yarn and to see her beautiful work wtih re-rooting doll hair! She is a talented girlie so be sure to take a browse through her store--take a cup of coffee and plan some time-- she has a great 'where's wooldo' contest every month! Don't miss out!!

Well, there Piper will be happy now and I better get out and feed the sheeps--or they might move in with the neighbor! More soon!!

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