Wednesday, March 07, 2007

An additional word about our Fundraising efforts....

OK, have had a few emails this past week worrying that I have breast cancer--not the case, although I wish it WAS me. It is in fact my wonderful mom that has recently been diagnosed. She has a good prognosis but a long road ahead of her to 'healthy'. Watching her struggle through her first chemo treatment only cemented in my mind--and my sisters--that we needed to be working as a family toward something constructive to 'help' - somehow.

When my sisters decided to walk in the Avon walk ( the loooooong one!), fund raising naturally follows and we are proud to have so many generous people around us--thank you every one! We hope to help raise money so that we can see a cure in our life time--one that is not so vicious for the patient to endure. A good cause yes?

If you would prefer to go right to my sister's pages, their walk pages are: Jenny and Kristie. There you can donate directly to Avon and as mentioned, we have a great set of raffles monthly here at our site until the walk in June. So far Friends of the Homestead have raised $384 through your generosity and a little from the sheep!

Again, no worries about me, please just keep good thoughts for my mom & dad, we adore them both!!

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