Monday, March 26, 2007

Odey is a star!! Sort of....

Our little curley Angora goatie Odey is the proud supplier of the mohair my friend Carolyn used to re-root this gorgeous doll! Odey's fiber is curly and just soft and shiny as can be--what Carolyn calls 'excellent' for dolls! He is a smoochy goat and definitely Chaquita's (our llama) pet. He hides under Chaquita's tummy after he gives someone a not so nice head butt, mainly because he knows she will spit or chase anyone off that tries to give back what he has coming! Silly goat!

You have probably seen Carolyn's work on our site before, she is the other spinner of our Two Peas handspun yarn--we are like two peas in a pod, sometimes scarily so!! You can see more of her beautiful talented work here-- along with lots of beeeauteous fiber! Make a cup of tea and spend some time at the Ewe!! Then stock up for very unique and fun spinning, felting or knitting projects! Sandy the enabler over and out!! ha!

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