Saturday, March 10, 2007

It's a boy!!!

Well, Spring has sprung and we had...... a boy!! hahaha! This little lamb is 'Sunshine' and he is living up to his name for sure! We got a call early this morning from our sweet friends the Thompsons--one of their mamas had THREE babies and would not take care of this one-- SO, they did not have to twist MY arm very hard! :0)

He is a mixed breed sheep and we adore him! We are looking forward to evenings rocking the 'baby' by the fire while I knit, spin or whatever. The little lambs are SO easy to keep inside--they are diapered up and away they go--pampers away! They have a grand time chasing me around while I work, and I do my outside rounds and work while he naps--just like a little teensy baby! Wheeee!

Doin' the happy baby lamb in the house dance for sure--makes up for shutting my hand in the garage door earlier today--eek!

1 comment:

primdollie said...

I want one too!!!! too cute what a little dear!!!! he will keep you busy I bet!!!
Hugs Linda