Monday, March 05, 2007

March Fiber Raffle is ready!!

Angel and Casey won the drawing out in the barn to be the first to participate with their very own fleeces! They are SO happy! Angel is a sweet sweet Rambouillet girl who came to live with us as a lamb with her sisters Curly Sue & Angel. They had horrible pneumonia and were destined to be someone else's Easter Dinner--eek! They have long overcome their illnesses and are beautiful girls who love to be cuddled and of course, fed lots of Fruit Loops!

We purchased our Casey girl, a gorgeous North Country Cheviot, from our dear friends Graham & Margaret last summer. She is very sassy and has a gorgeous fleece! Her best friend is Brenden....

The raffle includes 2 pounds 7 ounces of Angel's wool, 1 pound 8 ounces of Casey's wool AND, last but not least, 3 fluffy Crazy Quilt Batts, our specialty!!

The batts are carded here by yours truly, created from a variety of hand dyed, natural wools, mohair, silk, yarn snips, firestar and pretty much anything back in my fiber studio that is not running away! ha!

This is a fun way to sample some Homestead creations and we hope you will enjoy the raffle! Tickets are $2 each and to date, Friends of the Homestead have raised $372 toward the Avon Breast Cancer Walk that my sisters will be walking in-- the sheep so far have agreed they need to stay home so help us keep them here, and along the way, we all can help provide backing for much needed research and support for some very deserving women and their families. We adore you all!!!

More raffle info available on our site!

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