Thursday, March 22, 2007

Altered Art--by Linda!

Today I am happily plugging my friend Linda's altered art! She is a talented artist from Ohio--and like another sister for me too! I adore her and her art!! Be sure to check out her store here and her blog here.... Treasures treasures treasures and inspiration galore! Keep up the beautiful, creative artwork Linda! Yey!

The sheep are enjoying the mild weather, not too hot for their big woolie coats, and not too cold for their bare little spindly legs either! They hate cold feet and legs! Shearing is just around the corner, have to confirm our shearing day with David the wonder shearer and then the countdown can begin! Better get more fleeces cleared out of my wooly heaven--watch for some beautiful wool as I get fleeces sorted on our non-rainy spring days!

Jenny was here today with more beauteous Alpaca fiber so will be listing more of that this week too--just keep an eye out and check out our new option on the site--two actually! One is for referring us to others, and the other is what we will use for people who would like an email when I update the site with new items.... Let the sheep know what you think of their newest idea to improve the site--sneaky buggers huh??? ha! Off to spin some wool and hope you are all busy creating some fibery goodNESS!!


primdollie said...

Thanks so much!! who could ask for a better sister/friend ever!!! you're a doll!!! can't wait to see what you spin up!!!! oh goodie!!!! Hugs Love Linda

HollyEQQ said...

Yeah for Linda - going now to check out her site.
Sounds like the sheepies are getting friskie ready to loose all that winter fur! :)
Hope you are well today.
Kisses to Claire.