Thursday, March 01, 2007

And the winner is....... :0)

Hello all! First we want to thank ALL of you who participated in our first Avon Breast Cancer raffle/fund raiser! It has been a wonderful comfort to have friends that care and have chosen to participate with us--and for their help in keeping our sheep from crashing the walk in June!! It means the world to us that you have helped us raise money toward a cure for BC--we want to see it in OUR lifetime! We raised $172 with our first raffle and we are so proud of all of us!

We had to alter our plan a bit, the sheep just could not decide who would draw the name--Moose (aka office manager) got fed up and took over! The bowl he chose was painted by an artist in Door County (a happy gift from my best friend Kathi) and shows Moose's mood by the time we got all the names and such wrestled away from the sheep!

SO, Moose got to 'work', which of course did not mean he had to leave his king size bed next to my desk in the office! ha! He stirred up the names--forever--just to keep us in suspense, then drew--drum roll please--- LINDA KOCH of Ohio!!!! Congrats Linda, you have a special package on its way by Monday from our happy, grateful (but unable to reach group decisions) sheep!!!

Everyone who participated in February's drawing will have a free ticket entered in March's drawing so please let us know which you prefer!! We will be hosting TWO raffles in March, the pictures and particulars will be posted by Saturday-- one will of course include yarn, the second wool and fiber for spinners....

Watch for more info, and again, we thank you for your help in our efforts! Sandy, Jim, Ross and the critters..... more soon!


primdollie said...

well all I can say is I am doing the biggest happy dance ever!!! and so glad that I won and that poor little ole Moose took pity on all my whining and thought he should pick me!!!! but I hope that the raffles help a lot and please let me know when the next one posts I would love to put a big post on my blog as well!! thanks so much I am so excited!!!!Hugs Linda

HollyEQQ said...

I can't tell what makes me smile more - the satiny dog pillow, the sheepy chic plate, or Moose the office manager picking the winner!! I bet the sheep were so jealous! Give Moose an extra cookie on his bed.

Moose looks like Taylor, by the way, the first love of my life that died last year.

I also made a mess of the raffle ticket purchases but just write me down for 4 yarns and 2 fibers.