Wednesday, January 02, 2008

Happy N-ewe Year!!!! hahaha!

The sheep are proud of their sheep related 'slogans'--silly! Happy new year to all of you and thank you for another great year here at the Homestead! We appreciate every one of you! This is Ross' sheep Amelia, daughter of his sheep Athena-and she also has a twin named Macki! Cotswold cotswold cotswold I say! wheee!

My good friend Holly Eqq sent me some beautiful (as always) batts that I had to get out of the envelop and onto a wheel! I am adding in left overs of my own fiber and this yarn will be available on the website as Holly & Me yarn soon.... I am spinning it up on my first ever wheel--an over 100 year old Russian spinning wheel. From Russia yet. It has its 'thoughts' on things, a little chatter but to me, it is telling me stories of long ago hands that used it to spin wool and flax for clothing and linens... Too fun!

We just finished an update that includes washed fiber, dyed alpaca fiber and yarn--more pictures here!

Be sure to check out the snapshot pages--I got out with the camera and am almost done adding all the newbies--trust me, it has been too long! Still have to go chase around the sheep in Dali's group that are not on the site yet--just a few more! Hope all is well and look forward to hearing your holiday fiber stories--what do you think of a name the lamb contest?? More on that tomorrow!

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primdollie said...

Oh pretty sheepie pic!! what a sweet face!!! and love the new yarn on the bobbin!!! lovely!! hugs Linda