Thursday, January 10, 2008

Meet some MORE sheeps!! Cotswold!

Today I present a sheep (third picture) who arrived pregnant, Athena is Ross' sheep and is a sweet girl. Her fleece is gorgeous, long and nice spiral curls! She had twins, Amelia (first picture) and Macki (second picture). Both lambs are almost a year old already--can't believe it! Amelia is Ross' and I took Macki for me.

Macki has an 'undershot' lower jaw, he is fine but we have to keep the lambs in with our Kelly (lamb babysitter/mama) so he gets a good chance to eat. He eats a little slower than the rest of the lambs but seems to be getting plenty of corn, treats and hay. He is growing and is only slightly smaller than his sister Ame. Both lambs are spunky kids and their best friends are Pippy, Sunny and Mario.... and did I mention TREATS?? Be sure to visit our Snapshot Pages for more stories, sheep and cuteness!

The sheep are working on an update for later today or at worst (with all their bickering-ha!) tomorrow! Happy fiber day!

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