Wednesday, January 23, 2008

Snow, sheep and update galore!

Happy Wednesday everyone! Hope all is well! Had to break out a snow picture since we had 9 inches of snow the past few days. This picture is from last year but I love it--you can see Bobbi (the Great Pyr) in the front of the group--probably wishing her sheep would wise up and go INSIDE! Such dedication!

The sheep updated the site today with lots of goodies including yarn, dyed fiber and roving/batts. Be sure to take a look around! I have lots of dyed Romney drying now, just out of the dyepots so hoping to add those this weekend--got some really fun, stunning colors!

We also have a variety of so soft, debris free Jacob fleeces to sell from our friends Becky and Carl. Be sure to take a look at them, they are not your every day Jacob fleeces by far. They take dye well, are easy to spin and are great for next to the skin projects, felting and where ever your imagination/art takes you!

Over and out for now, the sheep have gotten their hands on the sleds AGAIN. Not a good plan!

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