Thursday, January 03, 2008

Meet some MORE sheeps!

These are not the best pictures but they truly capture the personality of these little stinkers! Hay in the fleece--eeeeeek! These are our little Shetland twins we purchased from our friend Naomi. They are black and both were bottle lambs--so they are very happy to see us and our pockets full of treats! Mario has short stubby horns and was sick most of the first months of his life. He is now happy, healthy and re-growing his fleece. His sister is Sunshine, she definitely lives up to her name! They love to romp and play--and live with our best babysitter ever--Kelly. They are only the size of a small springer spaniel so this means everyone bigger eats over the top of them--this year. Their fleeces will still be gorgeous so look out at shearing time for these teensy sheep!!

I am working hard to get through my fleeces at this point--it dawned on me the other day how close shearing is getting--oh my. Have to make an apointment with David the wonder shearer--better get cracking huh?

Watch for more fiber this weekend, have Romney in the dyepots, in the washer and am sorting through several of our own fleeces too. Fun fun fun--happy Thursday everyone!

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primdollie said...

Oh so sweet and wow so tiny!!! had no idea!! will have to try some Shetland haven't tried to spin any of that!!! so will be watching and waiting!!!! Hugs Linda