Friday, January 25, 2008

Abigail art by Dennis!

I got the way coolest gift in the mail yesterday! Our friend Dennis (Barbara our knitter's hubby) is a very talented rug hooker. This is his own design and he did a wonderful picture of our Abi (even though she would not cooperate with picture time as you can see!). He uses recycled wool coats and items he picks up here and there, then hand dyes the colors himself. I sent him this picture of Abi and a bunch of her wool and wa-la, a wonderful Dennis T original of my very own sheep--told you it wouldn't be long and sheep would be living inside with ME! bwaaahahahahahaha! I am hoping Dennis will love making these up--would love to offer them for sale on the site--what do you think??

Happy weekend everyone, look for our next update Monday or Tuesday--some rockin' colors out of the dyepots!! Over and out for now!


primdollie said...

Oh wow what an amazing work of art he has created!!! I love it!! oh my everyone will want one of them for sure!!! what a lovely gift!! and great talent too!! Hugs Linda

Anonymous said...

that sheepie is just beauewetiful.
Please tell the artist that I think he is amazing.