Friday, January 04, 2008

Whaaat??? A camel in my basement??? Don't tell Jim!!

Time to meet a new friend--Humphrey the camel!! He is a very lucky boy who came to our new friend Cindy's place very very sick and sporting a broken back leg. That was nine years ago and he is now a happy healthy camel--even though his broken leg healed 2 inches shorter than the other. Cindy rescues horses and ponies--and has even rescued several llamas. The pony baby in the picture is one of her rescues from doom--who Humphrey actually fostered. The baby grew into a beautiful boy and is one of Cindy's many success stories of rescue and re-training.

I myself will probably never be able to have my own camel, so I am living vicariously through Humphrey!! ha! I managed to purchase half of Humphrey's gorgeous fleece this year and have made arrangements to purchase it every year now--the entire thing--oink oink! We also plan to purchase all of her llama's fiber too--oink again! SO, have all this year's fiber washed, tumbled and ready for the mill to run it through the magic de-hairing machine. I plan to offer up Humphrey's fiber asap and am even planning to spin up the longer guard hair into rug yarn.....

Hope your weekend is full of fiber fun!! over and out!

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primdollie said...

Oh too fun and what a sweetie Cindy is that sure takes a special person to do so much for them as you have for your sheep and all!!! a lot of time and work I know how busy they keep you too!!! so happy to hear you will be getting all that yummy fiber too!!!! yippee!!! have fun with it and will watch for it!! Hugs Linda