Thursday, January 10, 2008

Those speedy sheep! ha!

Hi all! Yes, this IS our Speedy sheep! He came to us as a very young sheep with a broken front leg. You would never know it now and he is definitely living up to his name--which really was cute at first although I hear from the other sheep he really did not like the name back then!! His best friends are Claire the Shetland and Casey our North Country Cheviot girlie. And treats of course!

The amazing sheep got the update done today instead of tomorrow so be sure to check out the new fiber! More pictures here!

We will be adding new yarn to the site this weekend and hopefully some more fiber if it is dry in time....

If you think about it, please think some good thoughts for our little Sweet Pea sheep--we think she got knocked into (sheep play like a bunch of rowdy four year old boys I swear) or slipped on the ice. She seems to be sore and not sick so we have her inside with lots of hay, grain and treats next to her usual group of Bobbi and Andrew's sheep. I hope it is not something worse than being stiff and sore so please keep good thoughts for her.... :0)

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