Wednesday, December 26, 2007

Holiday Update Completo!

Well, the update got done, no thanks to MOOSE! He loves to sleep on the couch in my office--it is an old wool tweedy couch and very warm in winter. The only trouble we have Moose and I is the race to the couch every time I want to spin yarn--he is quite the crabby pants when I make him move over. He refuses to share, growls and even shows me his teeth, then hops down to slep on his office bed. He is a dude with a tude but he is my office supervisor and never a foot from my side. I adore him--and this picture shows him not only taking over the couch, but hijacking my knitting also!

The update on the site includes new yarn-crazy quilt and Magpie's almost lash yarn to name a few; dyed fiber and lots of new fleeces on the unwashed fiber page--including a sweet little baby alpaca fleece, blanket fiber and so so soft--almost black in color too! Wheee!
Have you seen our new Crazy Quilt sheep yet? They are on the 'Sheepy Gift Originals' page, along with lots of other fun stuff I dabble with in my 'free' time..... The CQ sheep are originals created by our friend Dennis (our Barbara's hubby) with left over wool from his rug hooking projects. He finds wool coats at thrift stores, takes them home, dyes them, cuts them into strips and wa-la, perfect recycling a perfectly good coat into something unique and special! Each is a little different and I adore them--be sure to have a look!

Hope you all had a special holiday and have time to recover for the next one-- N-ewe Year's Eve-- bwaaahahahahaha!

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