Monday, December 03, 2007

Meet the sheep! Update done too!!

Thought it would be fun to do some 'meet the sheep' again--our flock has grown a little and I forget who I have introduced to their adoring public so please forgive any double ups!

This is our little Becan--a single coated Shetland baby. Well, he is not a baby any more and he would HATE to hear me say that! He arrived from a friend as a bottle lamb and lived in the kitchen with us for a while that winter. He has grown into a gorgeous boy with soft fleece that is a cinnamon/silvery color. It is so so soft mainly because he doesn't grow the outer guard coat that most Shetlands have. His fleece is so cute and curly--and he loves to follow us about and get treats--and hugs! He spends most of his time romping with his buddies Toshi, Arthur and Shannon--more of our little Shetlands!

The sheep just updated the site with LOTS of new stuff, including fiber, roving and yarn. We are planning another update this week that will include hand painted drop spindles, fiber/roving if it is dry, and lots of new items from 3 Chic Knits. Great gifts for you or yours!

Also, we added a new 'wish list' feature to the site a few months ago--it is a good way to create a holiday wish list and it is not visible to us--but you can send it to anyone asking for a list just by hitting the email button. Then they can easily shop for your favorite Homestead items!

More update pictures are available here and Happy Monday all!!

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