Sunday, December 16, 2007

Snow happens and talk is sheep--hee hee!

Hello all! Yes, more snow and we just finished digging out--it is NIPPY out there! The sheep say I am a wimp--and that could be true!!

We planned an update today but those silly sheep are out galloping about in the snow and have no work ethic today..... ugh. I will get them to work later on and do the update tomorrow. They keep pointing out that the fiber drying today will be ready tomorrow anyway--along with the batts they are overseeing in the morning. Guess it makes sense!

The pictures are of one of my latest projects (always seem to have at least 4 on the needles!) which will be a cutie pie curtain for out little bathroom window. I am just doing a straight knit, size 15 needles, a cone of acrylic/cotton (?) yarn AND a cone of fine elastic thread--which makes this look like I really worked hard to get it to look all squiggly and fancy.... The elastic thread is available on our website, we have 3 cones available on the 'findings' page and they are gigantic!

We are also off on a sheep run today-- some wonderful Romney sheep from our friend Kendra are my Christmas presents--wheee! Stay tuned and more soon--off to get the sheep off the sleds before they break their necks!

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