Monday, December 17, 2007

Joy to the Wooled everyone!

OK, now THIS is what I have to deal with when I type at the computer--yes, that is our Noodle, the 8 month old deaf Border Collie--giving me the biggest sad faced guilt trip. Ugh. She loves to be anywhere I am but when I am working on the website, she feels the need to be 'helpful' by insisting her paws be 'typing' on the keyboard just like mom. It is cute but not for hours of wrestling with her over it! She sits on the other side of the gate to the office on that blasted chair, usually with her chin hanging over looking even MORE pathetic. Very hard to ignore that cute face and blue eyes! Love that girl!!

I just finished updating the site so be sure to have a look--new fiber, hoopty hat, and this weekend there is more to come--we have a snow storm on the way again so will be a good day for a MAJOR update! The dyepots are cooking as we speak! More pictures here.

And if you are in the mood for shopping, check out my good friends HollyEqq, Carolyn and Linda for some great gift ideas, fiber and yarn.... The sheep are enjoying sun and fun in the snow today, some time off before 'work' on pictures and fleece sorting tomorrow--hee hee!

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