Saturday, December 01, 2007

Let it snow!! (not rain?)

Well, Libby has the right idea today for sure!! She and Noodle often spend hours outside herding each other about the yard--today they are just plain couch potatoes--and snugglers! We had about an inch of snow this morning and since about 11 am freezing rain/sleet. Ugh. Just hope it doesn't build up and cause tree topples or power line troubles....

The sheep are working on an update that includes lash yarn, Crazy Quilt bulky singles, fiber, roving and more! Keep an eye out on the site and will post here when it is ready also--tomorrow at the latest, still taking pictures! I am off to spin some more lash yarn--oooorrrr, maybe a nap on the couch with the BC's! Happy fiber art everyone!

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HollyEQQ said...

aWWWW... big bad guard dogs.