Thursday, December 13, 2007

Update = Happy Sheep!

First we have an update for Lela and Lucky! Yey! I am working on spinning Lucky's gorgeous fleece so I can create two woven blankets for Lela. Way fun and a ways to go but am enjoying every step! Proof!!

Hey Florida Holly--does this fiber look familiar??? Thank you again, the mohair is grrrrreat and I am spinning it up now--what do you think??

Oh, of course we have a major update on the website so be sure to look around at ALL the pages! Lots of fun including more hand dyed Cotton Roving (think I am getting the hang of it!), cutie Crazy Quilt sheep by Dennis the rug hooker (thank you Dennis!) and lots of 3 Chic Knit items!

We are not done with the update, even after 30+ pictures (more here) we have more fiber, yarn and 3 chick finished items to add this weekend--maybe we will be caught up?? Oh, we would be but the sheep walked off their photo duties--they are out playing in the sun and snow now--turned around and they were GONE. Ugh. Guess that means I can go spin yarn right? Happy Thursday!!

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HollyEQQ said...

Ooohhhh! I did that?
It looks gorgeous when you spin it!

And I love that woven shawl. Very very very beautiful. You are so damn talented.