Sunday, October 07, 2007

New offerings at the farm!!

Welcome the new handspun art of a long time friend of the Homestead-Rachel! We are proud to be offering her special drop spindled handspun--most spun with fiber from Homestead sheep! Rachel is a person who in her young life has made five trips related to helping children in foreign countries and we like to 'pay it forward' so until Rachel gets her website or Etsy shop updated, you can contact her through our site for some gorgeous yarn. Earthsong is her first offering so be sure to take a peek!

We are waiting for the house mover guys to come back--we may have to have a house landing party next week! Hip hip hooray! We are getting closer to running AND hot water in the house!!! The sheep are waiting for the cooler fall weather to be here to stay and enjoying the extended time on good grass. Our second hay crop was a loft filler so we have at least half our winter hay stocked up--from the sheep's own field! We are looking for rain tomorrow so Tuesday will find me sorting fleeces for the website so keep a good eye out! Happy fiber Sunday!

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