Saturday, October 27, 2007

Sheepy wildness!

Our website is 'fixed' so please keep an eye out for our new fiber and yarn-- we will still use our flickr account to update too but all pictures will start on the site again. Yey yey yey!!

I tell you, if we didn't have a 'surprise' every day here lately (and not always nice ones!), we would not know how to behave! The well guys were here connecting the lines back from the house to the well--we looked out and Bobbi & Andrew's group had snuck through a hole in the fence (?) and were galloping around kicking and jumping--in with the little group of oldsters and lambies! Eek!

So, off we went, Jim went out and set out their three bales of hay and all but one sheep went back 'home'. Lucy the Targhee decided she was going to stay and live with Max the llama's group instead. She just would NOT go home! Little does she know, I originally wanted her in that group--she has some specialness too, when she had her lamb the last time (she is now 3), she had a prolapse and a ligament tore in her tummy--she is fine but can't have lambs (why she is here) and her tummy is a bit crooked when you see her from the front/back. We adore her and her crooked tummy is cute, and doesn't seem to bother her in the least. She is probably one of our BIGGEST sheep too--I did not know Targhee sheep were that big, I am betting she is at least as big as a Shetland pony? Wowser! She is a very good girl.

We have water back TO the house, now Monday our plumber is coming out to hook us up--at least will have cold water back in the house that day, which means NO MORE outhouse visits in the cold AND wool washing/dyeing will be back full fledge--yey! Who could ask for more right?? Hot water by the end of the week and then, the rest can take as long as they want as far as I am concerned!!! Have a happy sheepy, fibery weekend!!


Ruth Mangano said...

I just love your blog and wish I did not live so far away (Maryland) I would love to help with the sheep and wool. Best wishes for hot water by the end of the week!!!!!!!!!!!!

HollyEQQ said...

I am so happy for you I could just bust. No more porta potty visits. That alone has to be the best Christmas present EVER! I bet it feels so good just to have running water that you could live without hot water for some time and be content!
And just think... you can start doing whatever you want before too long... you can traipse around in your undies without giving the workmen a show.
Just hold on honey, you are almost home.
Kisses to everyone.
Florida Holly