Thursday, October 18, 2007

Getting there!

Worky worky--no rest for the wicked right? ha! I am about half way through the updates/re-entering of our new products on the site today--however, during our recent web meltdown, the image manager on our cart was 'eaten' so I cannot post pictures yet. Ugh. Hoping that will change later today-some days if something isn't wrong in my world I don't know how to behave! :0) Thank you all for your patience we have lots of fiber and yarn to add and I hear a box is on its way from Shari too!

The rain has moved our new cement basement floor off til next week but our wonderful carpenter friend is here replacing a few broken floor joists and working on plumbing issues in the mean time. Our front yard is a pond again-lots of rain last night-wah!

And thank you for your good thoughts for our Bradshaw, sadly, we did have to put him to sleep to end his suffering. Our vet said he had a stroke and it was just his time but that doesn't make this any easier- I miss him to bits. At least we got to say goodbye and see you again someday....

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