Friday, October 19, 2007

Our little Noodle dog is growing up....

I tried to sneak in and take this one while Noodle the Border Collie was sleeping in 'her' chair--but even though she is mostly deaf, she caught me with the camera. Oops! She was sleeping so soundly I thought sure I could pull it off! And I might point out that in the first picture, you can see how she made that 'her' chair--see the chewed padding on the one arm? She also picked a teeny (repaired I might add) hole in the seat to make it mucho larger. She has been picking on that chair since she was six weeks old--she even untied springs on the bottom--stinker! I planned to re-hab that chair anyway but I can't convince her she is naughty--I just get the look of the second picture like hey, I know what you mean--BUT, I am still smarter than you! Sometimes that is so true!

She has a date with the vet to be spayed this month and her deaf buddy Libby will be going with her--they are joined at the BC hip now so it was a great move to adopt Noodle too. They play ALL day and just wear each other out. Noodle's 'new' thing is to take me by the pant leg or bottom of my shirt and lead me to where she wants me to be. I came in the other day after feeding the sheep and she was waiting for me, all excited but sitting nicely like, I have to show you something way COOL! She took me by the shirt tail and showed me her 'surprise' and she was so proud of her work, I didn't have the heart to be mad! However, she had 'toilet paper rolled' the entire living room (furniture, floor, fireplace) with some of my most expensive BLACK SURI ALPACA fiber that had been drying near the fireplace, up out of her reach--or so I thought. She made quite a mess but it ended up only being a handful and I think she just placed it where she wanted it like an art project--no ripping or shredding. What a silly dog. She sure has been a blessing not only for lonely Libby, but us as well. It has been a tiring year at best and we have enjoyed her and she definitely keeps us on our toes--and smiling!

The house is set back down on the foundation now and we get a new basement floor Monday--keep your fingers crossed for a nice day--no more rain! Then the 'real' work can get under way-- plumbing, heating/AC, water heater, softener, WATER back in the house AND my washer hooked back up down there ASAP!

The guys also got our back porch (you may remember my Dad and our friend Dennis from IL came up about oh, 3 weeks before the basement collapsed and enclosed our porch for us) re-floored and Ross put the patio doors back up! Yey! NOW it looks like progress! I will post pictures this weekend--am plotting a finish for the floor--hooray for painting-another love of my life!!

SO, while we all wait for the new IP server to load up our image manager, I am working on new things for the site and getting info decided on for the new yarn and fiber clubs--keep stopping in and email if you need anything you don't see on the site yet! Happy weekend everyone!

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