Thursday, October 25, 2007

The sheep are doing a happy dance--Noodle and Libby, not so much!

Well, the sheep are happy because the house now has a new foundation, floors and basement windows! Hooray! The well people come out tomorrow to get the water back to the house, then we hope the plumber will get here very soon! Almost back to washing and dyeing wool INSIDE! We are all happy to be closer to business as usual for the sheep--can't be soon enough for me!

The weather is getting cooler and the dogs are all enjoying time in front of the warm corn burning fireplace in our living room. Makes it tough to keep thinking about working--they look so not worried and content don't they? And believe me, the best time to take pictures of a Border Collie is when they are asleep--that is about the only time they are still for more than a few minutes!

OH, and the website is FIXED and I have almost finished re-adding the fiber and yarn so be sure to take a look around. I will be posting brand new yarn and fiber this weekend and will send out emails so be sure to sign up for our 'sheepy fan club' on the website! Happy Thursday!

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