Wednesday, October 31, 2007

Halloween Update!

Well, hours later, I almost have the website 'caught up' from our melt down last month--be sure to take a look! I will be adding more fiber this weekend AND our painted primitives--hand painted by me with of course supervision by the sheep--and lots of fun gift items!

You can also see more photos here -some already posted to the site, some to follow this weekend! The fiber pictured today can be found on our site and is the wonderful Mohair (Angora goat) fiber from our sweet Odey goatie!

Odey arrived here as an almost yearling, really on his last legs so to speak. He was very sick, we did not ever figure out exactly what it was but he was off his feet for the better part of the winter, hanging out with us in the house while we worked to save his little life. He got better and ended up with his front legs 'frozen' bent backwards, making it very difficult to get up and walk. We were afraid he would have to be put down--we gave him another night, moved him into the warm barn by the sheep all jacketed up with a heat lamp. In the morning, my little miracle goat was standing in the barn, STRAIGHT LEGGED looking at me as if to say, hey, where you been and WHY are you crying??? He really is a miracle and today is a happy go lucky fellow hanging out with the other goats and Chaquita llama.

SO, add some of Odey's fiber to your next project--it is silky, soft and so so shiny--must be his glimmer coming to you long distance! Happy fiber everyone, soon to be back washing wool/yarn again--we now have running water (cold) and hot water to follow very soon! Yippeeee! Never knew how much I would appreciate such a basic item in my life!!

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