Saturday, September 29, 2007

And wa-la--a basement appears!!!

Hellooooo from the house on the blocks! ha! Not for long though! We added some fun new items to the website so be sure to check out the two new pages for some cool Seasonal and Holiday Handspun--including cute matching buttons painted by yours truly..... We also added a gifty page that will feature lots of fun items that are great gifts, gift add ons and spinning/knitting related items too! Keep an eye out we are on the move for fall!!

And here are the pictures of our new basement walls! They poured them with about 7 trucks full of cement and the next day already had the forms off. Next comes the plumber, then the house gets set down, then the floor poured, THEN WATER BACK TO THE HOUSE!!!!! Wheee! SO, keep an eye out, we will post pictures as we go.... and life starts to get better! Thank you all again for all the encouraging words--they mean the world! Sheep weekend to you all!

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hk said...

finally catching up on your blog, and thinking of you!