Saturday, September 01, 2007

Our website is back 'up to speed'!

Ok, first I have to tell a story--about Bobbi our great pyrenes. She watches over one of our sheepy groups with her brother Andrew. You can read more about them on our snapshot pages... Even though we are scrambling around here with our caved in foundation, we did enjoy sleeping on the new enclosed porch my dad and Dennis finished about a month ago--definitely was a saving factor the past week. It was like camping in a little cabin on the 'river Ryan'--haha! Anyway, we slept out there with all 6 inside dogs--they are totally traumatized right now and out of their routine--they are all old except for the Border Collie girls, who enjoy life no matter what--I should take a page from their book!

One night we were sound asleep and at 33o in the morning, the dogs started barking like the bogey man was outside our window. SO, I got up and went out to our 'cute' little portable outhouse and as I was opening the door, I heard a noise that sounded like a goat head butting the gate--they are not up and about at night so was definitely odd! Looked toward the noise and no sheep, but Bobbi--she had the bright orange food bowl that we use in the barn to feed the barn cats. She had it cross wise in her mouth and had tried to sneak back into her assigned pasture with out me seeing her--almost worked except she didn't put that bowl down! She is just possessed by that bowl and will climb fences to get it, then she hides it on us. All said, the look on her face was priceless, caught and wishing she was invisible--and still unwilling to let that bowl go and get back where she belonged--instead, she hopped into the pasture with Casper & Monte and then had no place to go unless we slopped out there and opened the gate--Jim was a very good sport and it was hard to go back to sleep giggling about that silly dog! Andrew was right where he belonged and was looking at me like 'do you BELIEVE that dog?'. Way too funny....

Wanted to add a note about our fleeces that will be showing up on the site this week--we were spared any losses on the fleeces, a few are damp but most were up on the shelves and out of water's way. However, please be assured that we are sorting each fleece by hand and letting any damp fleeces dry in the sun before we offer them for sale. We want no 'stinker' fleeces going out of here so as always being doubly careful.

the other two pictures are of a drop spindle that kept me busy at night when I was busy not sleeping--this one is a favorite, was given to me by my good spinning friend James of VA. I love the fabric he added, makes it quite cheery don't you think? And the other picture is of a blanket I am working on that is for our bed when it gets done--it is 'log cabin' style crazy quilt and I just love it--very easy and is in the book Mason Dixon Knitting if you want to check it out--you probably already have since I am always a few steps behind on the latest stuff! ha! Happy long fibery weekend and more to follow--be sure to see the site, we have lots of new fiber and yarn posted!

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primdollie said...

Oh how funny Bobbi is and yes know all to well the crazy dog stories we too have a share in those with our ferocious attack wiener dog!!!! esp when the smell of skunk hits her little nose way before ours!!!! and LOVE the spindle and the blanket will be fab when finished!!! very lovely!!! glad had a happy funny moment!!!hugs Love Linda