Thursday, August 30, 2007

Where things stand in soggy bottom land!

First, another picture of Lela's Lucky--isn't he handsome? Keep up the good karma ok?

We are lucky today (no pun honest) because our wonderful electrician was out and re-connected our power--hooray and yey! Now we can be in the house (no tumbling routines) and tomorrow it will be all shored up and safe. Then Tuesday the house jacker upper guys will be here to lift the house up for the cement guys to get to work. Once the house is up on jacks, life will be more 'normal'--if we are ever that. bwaaahahaha!

SO, on the website front, had time to get it cleaned up today, now have to get my disc drive working again--have a disc full of pre-blowout pictures and can't get to them! ugh-sometimes seems like bad luck is the only luck right? ha! I also have new roving dyed up and locks, waiting to get more roving back from Argyle and Shari of CA. Please hang in there and know how much we appreciate your patience and good cheer--it means the world.

I also have to tell everyone what wonderful parents we have--my mom and dad made a surprise visit yesterday and it was SO good to SEE their faces. Jim's dad has been great too--thank you ALL! Tomorrow hope to sort fleeces while the workers are busy on the house since I have to stay away--stay tuned!! Soggy bottoms over and out for now! :0)

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