Wednesday, August 29, 2007

Soggy Bottom Sheep Rodeo?!

Yep, that is right, a sheep rodeo, right in the middle of all our 'mess'!

The girls decided the grass in the big pasture should not go to waste so they broke out and took off on us! Ugh! Bobbi and Andrew told on them right away as did the others who could not find the hole in the fence! Naughty Shetlands were the main culprits but is so hard to stay mad at them! They led us on a merry chase for almost 45 minutes and then got tired (it was warm!) so went back home--on their own terms of course! Silly sheep! We have not been letting them onto the biggest pasture lately because the bottom of the hillside is very boggy--not good for sheep to get that wet! Too hard to get them out of a bad water situation--they weigh lots more soaking wet for sure!

SO, as far as the website goes, I am working on the update--it is taking longer than planned because our server was being hacked repeatedly (don't people have better things to DO??) so our wonderful web host recently moved us (and her 69 other sites) to a spanking new server--that is more secure too--yey! SO, my last update is not on the site, so I am working to restore the August 8 update AND the new I have to add NOW. It is slow going, have to share the computer with hubby Jim so he can work from home til our little house is up on jacks/beams.

Speaking of which, thank you all for the kind, comforting words and thoughts--they mean so much to us. It is amazing to open up our email and see so many encouraging emails from you all--thank you SO so much! It really make a difference and you help us that way more than you know--honest!

SO, please bear with me, the house mover guys are coming tomorrow and barring any more stinking rain, our little house will be up out of harm's way very soon--and our power, water and such will be back in working order. It is very overwhelming to be the person needing the help--we are used to being the helpers. We are amazed at the support from our families, friends, customers, neighbors (some we had never met) and even people we do not even know offering food, showers and even water wagon for our sheep (thank you Calaways!). I hope you were all spared the severe weather and looking forward to each day being a bit better than the last! Happy fiber everyone!

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HollyEQQ said...

So you knew this was coming:

Bad Shetland Sheep "Lets go play - we have been good all summer. I want to pick us up some hot sheepie honeys and some hay. I haven't seen the neighbors since they started growing out their hair and got their full figures back."

Good sheep "Nooooooo!!! We are not going."

Bad Sheep "Come on, we need some adventure in our lives."

Good sheep "Absolutely not. Ms Sandie and Jim are overraught with all the house problems and they saved us from the water and are bringing us water in the truck and they don't even have any. And she has checked on us twice because of the wet spot down the hill. Remember when Baaaahhh fell in last month and they all had to come out and get him because he got all wet and couldn't flip over? NO way!"

Baaaad Sheep "Ok, so we won't run. We will just have some fun. Ms. Sandie needs some fun in her life. She has been nervous and worried since the whole house thing happened. She has run for miles on that little wheely thing she carts out here and feeds our hair. I think she needs some cheering up. Let's have a rodeo"

Bobbie and Andrew run around barking for help cause they know that Sandie and Jim are not going to like this at all but they won't leave their sheepies.

Baaaad sheepies!
Glad you got them all herded up and back home. You guys should have set up a stand and charged tickets! :)
Kisses to you all - even the baaaaddd sheepies.