Friday, August 17, 2007

She made it!!

You may remember Beth, my mom and dad's neighbor, who decided to walk the SIXTY MILE breast cancer walk in my mom's name. She did it, she made it and we are so proud of her! She told my mom that it was an amazing sixty miles--she walked by herself but met new friends along the way. She said it was a very profound experience and whe was glad she went--and very tired when she got home! She said there were some ladies who followed them through the walk by driving from cheering station to cheering station--greeting them with hoorays and ringing noisy cowbells to cheer them by--then hopping into their cars and beating feet to the next station for more of the same good cheer. What amazing people in this world! Thank you Beth for your courage and determination!

I am determined, in spite of the heat and rain, to get a web update done this weekend that includes unwashed and washed wool, roving, batts and lots of cool yarn! Keep an eye out and hope you all have a happy fibery weekend!!

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Martie said...

We are women...hear us roar! thanks for the inspiration!