Sunday, August 26, 2007

Thank you for your good thoughts/vibes!

Good morning! Hope you are all fibering away! We are ok here, our neighbors are taking wonderful care of us and providing huge tanks of water for the sheep. Whew. The grass is all pretty and green so the sheep are eating well--and looks like if the field can dry out we will have a second hay crop as well. Our house has been deemed 'sound' for now and we are waiting for the house mover guy (wonderful people) to come out and jack the house up--then we get a new basement. Our basement used to be/still kind of is the old sand stone or limestone basement, the walls were almost two feet thick and very well cared for. The main part of the house was built in the 1840's so this little cottagey place has stood the test of time--and will again!

Just think, two new livable rooms in the basement will almost double the space in our house! That means I can reclaim our cute little house from having wool everywhere--we can wash/sort and store it in the new rooms, lots and lots of room for shelving and long tables with lots of window light and good lighting to work by year round. Can pack boxes down there also--really starting to look forward to the new space, and that keeps our minds off all the paperwork with FEMA and being exhausted every night--however we sure sleep well!

We now have our phone hooked back up (but can't make outbound long distance for some reason) so people can call us and we have power to the computer so I don't go nuts. Scary being in the house but they said it is ok as long as we are not doing jumping jacks--hee hee. The dogs are having the most trouble, most of our littles are very old, two can't see or hear well and this is going to be very difficult for them to adjust rapidly as things change and we have workers here too next week. Been spending what time I can spinning as that seems to not only suck the bad out of me, but gives them peace and they sleep while I am 'working'.

We have only 'lost' a few things, such as fleeces stored in the garage that are a little damp--but will be manageable as my washer and hot water heater get working again. SO, feel free to order, I plan to add to the website either later today or tomorrow and will be able to work on things after our website gets on the new server.... No more outage issues--yey yey yey! Hope you are all well and that if you are dealing with weather issues, you are faring as well as we are.... The Ryans


Anonymous said...

hi sandy and family and 4 leggers...i am so glad that you are scary this all must be...i am glad that your home can be saved and that you are in good spirits...wish we could all be there to pitch a hand and help you best to you and yours, love, penny

pluckyfluff said...

oh man you guys! i just found out about your flood. so so happy everyone and the flock are fine. we went through a total-loss flood here in '97 i feel for you guys.

i will be ordering a bunch of fiber
in the next week or two for the Taos camp.

hang in there!!