Friday, September 07, 2007

Let's change the topic this morning! ha!

Today I want to introduce you to Amigo--he is a beloved horse that lives with our wonderful neighbors the Calaways (who have been instrumental to our sanity through the whole cave in ordeal!).

Amigo is truly a miracle horse, he is about 8 years old (?) and gave the Calaways much fun as a trail riding horse. Right now Amigo is eating up the green grass in the pasture across from our house and I am constantly amazed to think at Christmas time, he had a broken shoulder that threatened his very existence. He fell on the ice and shattered his scapula bone--it must have smushed the nerves as he was able to get up and down and did not act like he was having large amounts of pain.

Needless to say, the Calaways (and we) were heartbroken, specially after their vet said they should put him to sleep. That is where the Calaways let Amigo start to control his own fate--they had faith in the fact that he was able to move about, made special arrangements inside where he would be warm and cushy on lots of bedding, then they waited it out. Amigo improved and improved--we were astounded that he was able to live, much less look like he does today--if you did not know he had injured himself, you would not even know! He runs, rolls (uphill mind you) and the only time he takes advantage of his 'situation' is when the shoer is out to trim his feet, OR, he sees his Bill (Mr. Calaway) watching him--then he puts on a sad looking limp. He gazes back at me from his pasture across the road all the time, talks to our Monte & Casper with the quiet 'knowledge' that I should be sure in the knowledge that all is and will be well--no matter what our days have brought us to deal with recently.... thank you Amigo.

He is now a pasture pony who will luckily live out his life with his family, mucho loved and adored even though he can no longer be safely ridden..... :0)


Jill Schaefer said...

What a handsome horse. Give him a carrot for me. :-)

primdollie said...

oh what a beautiful animal he is!!! and so happy he is doing better and can live out his days in peace and with love!!! that is the best!!! Hugs Linda