Tuesday, September 11, 2007

Pictures of our castle in the sky!

Hello and here we go on the tour of our little penthouse that is now about 12 feet in the air, supported by a maze of jacks and beams.... All we need is a propeller and maybe we CAN make the Taos Lexi class huh??? bwaahahaha--or maybe my broom? This pictures our little porch addition we completed just about two months ago--was going to be my carding/picking room but now with a new basement, I will be moving my activities there to a spanking fun work room. Will still keep my spinning studio and office upstairs in the front of the house though....

This is the view of our little house from the end of the driveway--lots of fill--we have found some treasures in the old cistern that was hidden beneath the back addition (by the back porch)-- the back room was my laundry room and was at one time many years ago the farm kitchen that sat as a seperate building by the windmill. It was added as an addition to the house in later years.

This is the front door--and a view of the new basement area under the front and center of the house....

This picture was of the front door section of the house (once the porch) before it was up so high in the air and parts of the 'secret' foundations were still there....

And of course, with no more indoor plumbing for who knows how long, we have rented a 'bullseye' outhouse--which is parked indefinitely by the little chicken house.... Yuk! Funny name though huh? :0)
Things here are just beyond nuts, very busy and way more busy than my old self can keep up with some days. I have more fiber dyed up and ready to hit the website, look for them tomorrow and Thursday, along with new yarn selections.


HollyEQQ said...

Yeahhhh!! Let the aerobics begin!
It is such a beautiful castle in the sky!
I am glad it is safe.

Anonymous said...

I can't begin to imagine the chaos you must be living with...and then running a business to boot?