Monday, September 17, 2007

Fun pictures!

Want to introduce you to one of my best friends James of Virginia! He is wonderful and you have seen him here and on our spun yarn pages! He only agreed to let me use this picture if we promised no blackmail! bwaahahahaha!

This shawl has quite a story, and a fun one if you ask me-- it started with a ply of yarn spun by James, to which I spun a a ply and we split the plyed yarn. Fun mail believe me!!

THEN, my mom has been knitting up shawls for me while she has her chemo treatments (keeps her busy AND warm in that cold treatment room)--I gave her this yarn and since she had heard how wonderful my friend James and his mom are, she decided this shawl should be for James' mom. It was SO hard for us to keep the secret, and funny how things work out, we got it to James in time for his mom's BIRTHDAY--which we did not know about til after he told us about the timing. More fun! And the best part was the wonderful thank you from mom to mom and from James to my mom. I adore you my friend and thank you for helping me take such good care of our moms!!

New fiber and yarn tomorrow so keep an eye out and have a fibery night!!

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HollyEQQ said...

I love that yarn!! It is gorgeous.
And the shawl is fabu.
And of course James is a doll and I bet his Mom is too!
Wonderful story all the way around.